Prepping up to import commercial goods into Canada? Well, not everything is allowed across the border. You need to follow the current customs regulations and ensure that the products are allowed in the country. 

Importing commercial goods into Canada requires you to abide by a checklist. Now, here’s a post that sheds light on this subject. Take a quick look! 

  • Get in touch with CRA and obtain a business number 

The export/import account is free of cost and it can be obtained within a few minutes. 

You can call the Canada Revenue Agency or visit their website. 

  • Identifying the products/goods you wish to import 

Gather as many details about the products you want to import. You need descriptive literature for this. The tariff classification number is needed to find out the rate of duty applied to the goods you are importing. 

  • Do you need a customs broker? 

The best way to import goods into Canada is to hire a Clearit custom broker. There are people who feel comfortable dealing directly with CBSA, but a customs broker will act as the agent and make everything easy. Please remember if you take care of this yourself, you will be responsible for the payment of taxes, duties, and documentation. If anything goes wrong, your goods will be held back. 

The customs broker takes care of payment of taxes and duties, obtaining the release of the goods you are importing, prepping up the documents, maintaining all records, and responding to CBSA if needed after the payment procedure. 

  • Ensure that the products or goods you want to import are permitted into the country 

Canada has some strict rules. You have to check out the list of admissible goods. Hate propaganda and child pornography aren’t allowed. Some of the automobiles are not allowed. Thus, check the list before importing anything. 

  • Do you need special permits? 

Customs brokers have knowledge about admissible goods and the required permits. 

Check out CBSA website to see whether something needs special permits or regulations. It would be best to get a customs broker onboard for this. 

Concluding Thoughts 

If you have a customs broker by your side, you shouldn’t have a problem. Don’t take responsibility for the clearance procedure as there are experts who have in-depth knowledge about this. 

Let the experts handle the customs clearance process. 


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