Vendors and sellers have a lot to worry about when it comes to listing and account suspensions. The suspension of Amazon can be a real pain if it is your only income stream.In the worst-case scenario, you can lose your entire business, and sales and revenue are lost for every second you’re suspended. So it is important to understand the main reason for Amazon suspensions and send an amazon suspension appeal to avoid getting in this position. Complaints about authenticity: If your business receives numerous complaints about authenticity, Amazon will interpret that as an indication that you sell counterfeit products. You may face suspension until the issue has been resolved.

Negative reviews might lead to your listing being suspended, and your whole account may be compromised if too many negative reviews are left about your products or performance. You can also have your account suspended if you consistently rate your products badly. If competitors take advantage of you and flood your listings with bad reviews, you can get suspended (temporarily) without doing anything wrong. So try to keep your score high and delete negative reviews if possible!

Complaints about intellectual property rights -– You could be suspended for violating intellectual property rights if you use registered trademarks without permission. Similarly, if someone accuses you of using pictures or texts without authorization, you must follow the same rules. There are guidelines for Amazon that prohibit sellers from having more than one seller account, and these guidelines are often not known to sellers. Amazon may suspend you for violating any of the policies, as it does for any other violation.

IP The occurrence of two seller accounts belonging to the same IP address is another “rookie” mistake that gets many sellers suspended. Therefore, make sure that you and your partner do not use the same network. If both of your accounts are linked to Amazon, otherwise, both your accounts will be suspended. You can also consult with your amazon ppc management or a maintaining team and figure it out. You may be suspended if you change your bank details because this could be categorized as suspicious activity by Amazon. Accounts are often suspended to prevent fraud and other criminal activities. If that was the cause of your suspension, you could get reinstated fairly easily, but the suspension results can be severe regardless of how fast the support team can review your case.

The (re-)distribution of products without authorization is quite common among brands. Companies that sell products from a brand carefully pick their resellers. Amazon will suspend your listings as a precaution from Amazon if a brand claiming to be your supplier claims that you have violated their terms of service.  

Amazon prohibits people from selling goods that are prohibited by law. Drugs and weapons are among prohibited items, and CBD products have been a prominent example of this. While the legal situation concerning CBD was not clear, many people began selling CBD products on Amazon.

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